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The Oxford Way Presents A Gentlemen's Brunch Juniors

" Suiting Up Our Young Gents "

The Oxford Way Men's Clothing Store is sponsoring the first Junior Gentlemen's Brunch.

       Young Gents from all over the Bay will be all suited up to represent what it means to be a Gentleman. We're searching the Bay for young Gents 

        to represent the Bay by attending the Junior Brunch all suited up. We want to help them to experience what it mean to be a Gentleman, These

       Young Gents will be a part of a FAshion Show and have an oportunity to model for the Oxford Way Mens Clothing Store. There will be one child 

       selected to be the Spokesperson for the Young Gents at A Gentlemen's Brunch Adults. The Brunch is scheduled for April 4th 2020. You can leave 

       your information for your  Young Gent at www.oxfordwaymenswear@gmail,com The Registration fee is $25.00. The ages for the Young Gents 

       start a age 5 through 12. Parents or Parent must accompany children participating in the Brunch.



IThank You in Advance for your support and have a Happy Holiday...where there's a will ... there is a Way

The Oxford Way

(Note* Go to search A Gentlemen's Brunch and purchase the early ticket special for $35.00)

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